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Threat Hunting to Catch Adversaries, Not Just Stop Attacks

Join Threatpost and Cybersixgill’s panel of experts on September 22 at 2 pm EST for a tour of the dark web and learn how to track threat actors before their next attack.

Cybersixgill Webinar

Threat hunting needs to evolve from mitigating risk to the pursuit of adversaries.

Threat hunting has helped security teams detect and reduce dwell time of breaches. But most of these hunting expeditions focus on threats — leaving the adversary free to launch more attacks with different tactics.

Join Threatpost’s upcoming webinar series where you will learn how to track down adversaries before they launch their next attack against you. We will also take attendees on a live tour of the dark web and other closed sources. Both will deliver priceless insights into the motivations and activities of threat actors and how you can better bolster defenses.

Throughout the conversation, cybersecurity experts will explain the motivations adversaries, how they network online and how to anticipate their next moves.

Live audience participation is encouraged. Our panel of experts will field questions and offer practical advice when it comes to fending off the latest challenges facing the cybersecurity community.

Register now for “Threat Hunting to Catch Adversaries, Not Just Stop Attacks” on Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 2 p.m. EST.

Featured Speakers

Sumukh TendulkarSumukh Tendulkar – Senior Director of Product Marketing

Sumukh Tendulkar is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Cybersixgill. Before joining Cybersixgill, he was the Director of Product Marketing at several companies including IBM Security, RSA, and Inflexxion. He received his bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the University of Mumbai and his MBA in Strategic Marketing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Edan Cohen – Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist

Edan Cohen is a Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist at Cybersixgill. Previously, he worked in Corporate Security at the World Bank Group and has experience working at several security consulting companies both in the United States and abroad.



Chris Roberts, vCISO, Researcher, Hacker, Consultant, Devil’s Advocate, etc.

Chris is currently serving as a vCISO or advisor for a number of entities around the globe. His most recent projects are focused within the deception, identity, cryptography, Artificial Intelligence, and services space. Over the years, he’s founded or worked with a number of folks specializing in OSINT/SIGING/HUMINT research, intelligence gathering, cryptography, and deception technologies. These days he’s working on spreading the risk, maturity, collaboration and communication word across the industry. (Likely while coding his EEG driven digital clone that’s monitoring his tea and biscuit consumption!)

Becky Bracken – Threatpost Journalist and Webinar Producer

Becky Bracken is a Threatpost journalist who produces and hosts Threatpost’s webinar series.






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