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How I Got Here: Chris Wysopal

Dennis Fisher talks with Chris Wysopal of Veracode about his journey from a teenage BBS user to member of the L0pht to respected security researcher. Known as Weld Pond since his days at the L0pht, Chris also discussed his time at @stake and how the L0pht’s road trip to DC to testify before Congress almost went very wrong.


How I Got Here: Dino Dai Zovi

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Dennis Fisher talks with security researcher Dino Dai Zovi about how he got his start in security, the value of learning by doing, how he got root on his high school’s server and why his shellcode for a Windows vulnerability ended up in one of the more infamous Internet worms of the last 10 years.


Adrian Stone on BlackBerry Security, Privacy and the Challenges of BYOD

Dennis Fisher talks with Adrian Stone, the head of security response at BlackBerry, about the new security model in BlackBerry 10, the partition between private and work data and the challenges of dealing with app developers who might not know a whole lot about security or privacy.


Anup Ghosh on Cyberespionage, Attribution and APTs

Dennis Fisher talks with Anup Ghosh of Invincea about the recent wave of companies admitting to being hacked by APT groups, the difference between cyberespionage and cyberwar, what the government can do to encourage more intelligence sharing and whether compromised companies are spending enough time on attribution.