Jaya Baloo, CISO of KPN, the Netherlands’ leading telecommunications provider, talks to Mike Mimoso about the WannaCry ransomware outbreak and how large network providers and enterprises must contend with advanced attacks.

Baloo will be speaking at the upcoming Borderless Cyber USA conference in New York. Threatpost is a media partner of the event and readers now can use the code “Threat” to get $100 off the corporate registration fee.

Download: Jaya_Baloo_on_WannaCry_and_Defending_Against_Advanced_Attacks.mp3

Music by Chris Gonsalves

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  1. Roland Hall

    While Jaya sounds knowledgeable an familiar with the topics discussed, the KPN apps have very bad reviews and they are only in Dutch. There are no English or any other language versions.

    The title is a bit misleading. While WannaCry was discussed, defenses were not discussed other than “we patched diligently.”


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