Snowden’s Attorney Urges Canada to Take in Whistleblower Helpers (Part Two)

Robert Tibbo discusses being pushed to leave Hong Kong under pressure and efforts made to the Canadian government to grant refugee status to the “Snowden refugees.”

In our second part of Threatpost’s interview of lawyer Robert Tibbo, who represented former N.S.A. contractor-turned-whistleblower Edward Snowden, Tibbo describes the present day systematic harassment of families that sheltered Snowden while he was in Hong Kong in 2013. Tibbo also describes how he was intimidated by the Hong Kong authorities and was eventually forced late last year to flee the country or risk arrest himself.

[Snowden’s Attorney Talks Govt Harrassment of Whistleblower Helpers (Part One)]

Lastly, Tibbo discusses the status of a request to the Canadian government to grant refugee status to the “Snowden refugees” who face possible death if their Hong Kong asylum requests are denied and they are forced to return to their countries of origin.

Threatpost caught up with Tibbo in Leipzig, Germany where he spoke at the Chaos Communication Congress about the so-called “Snowden refugees.”

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