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4 Golden Rules of Linux Security

WATCH ON-DEMAND: Join Uptycs’ Ben Montour and Threatpost’s Becky Bracken for a conversation about the importance of laying a firm foundation for an effective security program for your Linux environment.

A candid conversation about getting back to basics.

Linux’s power is its versatility. It can host hundreds of containers across a complex network or run a single desktop. Linux can also power everything from smart TVs, Android phones and most Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

But when it comes to locking down Linux, its adaptability can also be it’s Achilles’ heel.

Here’s the truth: There are myriad solutions promising to help secure your Linux environment but none of them are worth a damn if you don’t have the basics down.

Join Uptycs’ Ben Montour, Rishi Kant and Threatpost journalist and webinar host Becky Bracken for a candid conversation about the importance of laying a firm foundation for an effective security program for your Linux environment and explore the 4 Golden Rules of Linux Security:

  1. Reduce attack surface area with Secure Shell (SSH) best practices
  2. Scan for odd user activity
  3. Streamline routine Linux security tasks
  4. Improve your threat detection

Security professionals of all stripes will come away with actionable recommendations to prioritize and execute on these four foundational tenets and get their most pressing Linux security questions answered by an expert.

We encourage you to submit your questions ahead of time to becky.bracken@threatpost.com to help shape the upcoming conversation. We will also take live questions throughout the event.


Ben Montour Headshot

Ben Montour, Cyber Defense Analyst at Uptycs

Ben is a long-time blue team enthusiast who has been working in IT infrastructure for over 15 years, with four years specializing in AWS cloud operations and security.
He has an enduring love for endpoint/server/network hardening as well as learning about detection engineering and threat hunting.When Ben isn’t neck deep in cybersecurity, he spends time with his second love — raising alpacas on a small farm in the U.S. Midwest.


Rishi HeadshotRishi Kant, Cloud Workload Specialist at Uptycs

Rishi is a product manager, who has spent the last 5 years managing various cyber security products spanning host and network security. He currently manages the endpoint and container product portfolio at Uptycs.

He is an engineer at heart, who loves learning about new technologies (software or otherwise) and working at the intersection of multiple disciplines to bring new things to life. In what little time he has after work and family, he loves to dabble in random programming projects — most recently creating a Chrome extension to help people search over 18,000 pharmacies to find a COVID vaccine appointment.


Becky HeadshotBecky Bracken – Threatpost Journalist and Webinar Producer

Becky Bracken is a Threatpost journalist who produces and hosts Threatpost’s webinar series.






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