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TAILS Team Recommends Workarounds for Flaw in I2P

The developers of the TAILS operating system say that users can mitigate the severity of the critical vulnerability researchers discovered in the I2P software that’s bundled with TAILS with a couple of workarounds, but there is no patch for the bug yet. The vulnerability that affects TAILS is in the I2P anonymity network software that comes[...]


Mozilla Improves Malware Blocking in Firefox 31

Attackers have any number of methods for getting their malware onto users’ machines, but one of the easier and more effective ones is through drive-by downloads. Browser vendors have been adding defenses to mitigate this threat for some time, and the newest version of Mozilla Firefox includes an improved defense against malware downloaded through the[...]


Research Shows Increase in Internet Filtering and Usage of FireChat App in Iraq

Researchers at Citizen Lab have taken a close look at the extent of Internet filtering in Iraq, as well as the security of a popular offline chat app used there, and found an increase in the number of services blocked by the government and identified serious privacy and security problems with the chat app. As tensions[...]