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Researchers Plan to Disclose Critical Bugs to TAILS Team Soon

The developers of the TAILS operating system are poised to release a new version of the software–which is designed to preserve privacy and anonymity–and it includes several security fixes. However, there are several other security issues that aren’t patched in the new release, vulnerabilities identified by researchers at Exodus Intelligence, who have not disclosed the bugs[...]


Firefox 31 Patches 11 Security Flaws

Mozilla has released a new version of Firefox, which includes patches for 11 security vulnerabilities. Three of the bugs fixed in Firefox 31 are critical, including a use-after-free vulnerability and a handful of memory safety issues. There are actually several separate use-after-free vulnerabilities patched in Firefox 31, although just one of them is rated critical.[...]


Trio of Flaws Found in OleumTech Wireless Monitoring System

Researchers have identified several remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in a wireless remote monitoring product from OleumTech that is used in energy, water and other critical infrastructure sectors. Two of the three flaws are related to the encryption implementation in the affected products, including the use of a weak random number generator. The vulnerabilities, discovered by a[...]


Privacy Badger Extension Blocks Tracking Through Social Icons

Categories: Privacy, Web Security

Online tracking has been a thorny problem for years, and as Web security companies, browser vendors and users have become more aware of the problem and smarter about how to defend themselves, ad companies and trackers have responded in kind. The advent of social networks has made it far easier for tracking companies to monitor user behavior across[...]


EFF Releases Open Wireless Router Firmware

The EFF is working on an open wireless router firmware that’s designed to be a secure and flexible alternative to the existing software that runs on home and small business routers, much of which is notoriously insecure. The Open Wireless Router project, which the organization announced at the HOPE X conference over the weekend, is[...]